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Waterloo Contest

Waterloo Contest Preparation:

SelexIQ is delighted to invite prospective University of Waterloo EUCLID Math Contest entrants to refine their talents under the guidance of a committed math contest teaching professional. Gain admission rank when participating on one of the strongest competitive mathematics teams in the world.

Every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., we offer Waterloo Contest Preparation Classes.

Fees: $3000



If you receive a medal in the contest, SelexIQ will offer you $800 in tutoring as a scholarship. If you receive a certificate of distinction in the contest, SelexIQ will offer you a $100 scholarship.

Waterloo Contests and Undergraduate admissions:

Note for Engineering and Software Engineering Applicants:

Although participation in the contests listed below is not necessary for entry or scholarship consideration, your application would be strengthened if you excel in math, science, or engineering competitions.

Euclid Mathematics Contest (Every Year in April)

Although participation in the Euclid Mathematics Contest is not mandatory for admission to the Faculty of Mathematics, it is strongly recommended if you are applying to a program in the Faculty of Mathematics because it will help you learn problem-solving skills and train you for university studies. 


For entrance scholarships to the Faculty of Mathematics, the Euclid results are needed.

Canadian Computing Competition (February)

The Canadian Computing Competition allows Canadian high school students to bring their algorithm design, comprehension, and implementation skills to the test. 


Although participation is not required for entry, if you're interested in programming and problem-solving, and particularly if you've applied to Computer Science or Computing and Financial Management, we invite you to do so.

Sir Isaac Newton Physics Exam (May)

By taking the Sir Isaac Newton Physics Exam, you may be considered for a grant worth up to $5,000 whether you've applied to Mathematical Physics and Astronomy or Life Physics. 


Any student from everywhere in the world is welcome to join. The results will be used only for scholarship purposes and will have little bearing on admissions decisions.

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